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Our Mission

At Everybody Is Somebody, Inc., we are dedicated to enriching the lives of young adults in Volusia County, Florida. We empower them through initiatives in entrepreneurship, employment, education, and essential life skills, fostering growth and resilience in our youth.

How We Serve and Support Our Youth:

Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem: We help young adults believe in their own potential and worth.

Enrichment Activities: We offer diverse programs that engage and inspire, from creative arts to technology workshops.

Character and Social Skills Development: Our programs foster integrity, empathy, and effective communication skills.

Academic Achievement: We encourage our youths to remain in school and strive for academic excellence.

Civic Responsibility: We guide our young adults to develop the skills necessary to contribute positively to society.

Our Board

The board of Everybody Is Somebody, Inc. is composed of dedicated retired disabled veterans who, having served our country, are now committed to serving our community. As a community-centric organization, we are deeply invested in the heart and well-being of our community.

Sharon Stafford

CEO/President & Visonary

Antwain Allen

Vice President

Barbara D. Franklin

Administrative Assistant

Patricia James

Chief Financial Officer

Keith Holmes

Director of Operations

Rasheed Black

Director of Technology

Jeremiah Stafford

Director of Marketing

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